Artists Bio  

Living on the West Coast of Canada, Diane finds strong inspiration in the natural setting surrounding her, enabling her to create unique paintings full of whimsy and wonder. Working mostly in acrylics, her intricate creations are populated with vibrant characters.

The Fables and Myths I read as a child keep resurfacing in my work, never ceasing to ignite my imagination. I find it fascinating how the adult mind re-envisions and rethinks these tales. Many what ifs pop into my head, possibly a new chapter or character being created or even an entirely new story. It is as if the characters in the stories are aging and changing along with me.

Usually, I create a piece by starting with the spark of an idea written down on paper along with a rough sketch. From there, if and when the idea does make it to the easel, it's not until the paint touches the canvas do things truly start to take shape. Color adds dimension and mood to the piece and can take my original concept in a completely new direction.

I work to bring a sense of wonder, mystery and whimsy into my art. Often I'll have the subjects in my paintings looking out with an engaging eye, attempting to make contact and connect with the viewer.

Assemblage Art, Land Art and whittling has currently captured my creative attention. I'm thoroughly enjoying exploring these different mediums and hope to reveal some pieces this summer of 2018.

Diane's work can be found in private collections in Canada, the U.S., Germany, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.